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Understanding the Value of an Investment Property in Breckenridge


When you think about investments, what comes to mind? Probably payout or return. We live in a very “Return on Investment”-minded climate; everyone wants to make sure they’re getting the most out of spending their hard-earned money.

We absolutely understand that feeling at Paffrath & Thomas, and we want to make sure we serve each client with quality properties that meet their needs and investment goals. When looking to purchase a home in Breckenridge, Summit County, or anywhere else in the Rockies, what are you looking to get out of it?

We’ll explore that question and more about finding your investment property in Breckenridge and Summit County below. 

You can also always feel free to reach out to us directly and talk about your unique situation and desires. 

Finding your ROI

Return on investment. You’ve got to make sure you’re getting something back from what you’re spending on. But, what does “getting something back” mean for you? Now that’s a different answer for everyone. 

For some, an investment property in Breckenridge is just that: an opportunity to make money. You purchase a condo or home in Breckenridge, Dillon, Silverthorne, or any other areas we serve, and you intend to rent that property out for most of the year to bring back a steady cash flow. While you are helping to cover some of your monthly costs with the rental income, you are also benefiting from the strong capital appreciation year over year that our resort real estate market typically sees.  

For others, owning property in Summit County is the investment. Knowing you have your own piece of the mountains ready to welcome you home at any moment, is worth more than any dollar amount brought back from the property. But even here, we hope that when it comes time to sell you will have seen your property appreciate in value to an amount that might surprise you. 

Knowing where you fall on this spectrum—either end or likely somewhere in the middle—is incredibly important when determining which investment property in Breckenridge is right for you. Let’s look at how we can tailor our approach depending on your focus. 

Monetary return

If money is your primary focus, there are a few different ways we can guide your investment property search. Here’s just a few things to think about when searching for an investment property in Breckenridge with a high monetary return on investment. 

Short-term rental restrictions

If generating rental income is a top priority, you will want to first ensure that you are buying a product where you can obtain a short-term rental license immediately. This has become a confusing and convoluted topic and Paffrath & Thomas is here to help you navigate all of the various ordinances in place. Call us (insert link) today to get the latest information on the short-term rental climate in our surrounding areas. 

Think about the renter

The natural first reaction when walking into a property you’re looking to purchase is “What do I like and don’t like.” You’re looking for things that fit your taste, appliances you like, things you know make you feel at home. 

When looking for rental properties, however, you have to think about your potential tenants. What do you think they would prefer in terms of features, aesthetic, and location; and what could you potentially add to make your space more attractive to potential renters in the future?

Some things to consider with these properties include:

  • Do you want to provide mountain access or ski-in/ski-out access?
  • Would your tenants prefer closer to town or more secluded areas?
  • How much space do you want to provide?
  • What amenities will your tenant want?

Think about the amenities

Let’s look a little more at that last bullet point. Lots of investment properties in Breckenridge and Summit County offer great amenity packages as part of their community. When looking for the right one for your potential renters, it’s important to think about what may be important to them.

Paffrath & Thomas Investment Property in Breckenridge

Do you plan on renting during the winter, and thus would like to have a hot tub available for skiers after a long day on the slopes? Or do you want to use your property and rent during the summer, meaning your renters would benefit from an on-site pool?

Fitness centers, on the other hand, are year-round amenities that benefit everyone who might stay at your property, whether that be you or a renter. 

Think about the costs

If monetary return is your greatest concern, then you have to consider your costs. Luxury amenity packages for properties like condos can draw in potential renters, but they also frequently come with higher purchase price, higher maintenance and utility costs, and monthly homeowner’s association dues. 

Property management

You’ll also need someone to help manage your property while you’re not there. There’s a lot of nuance when it comes to property management but we can introduce you to the right people and the right property management companies that will be able to meet your needs.

Property managers will be your “boots on the ground,” taking care of things like booking, check-in, cleaning, interior maintenance, exterior maintenance, and even marketing. 

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Lifestyle return

The term “investment property” inherently has a monetary value associated with it, but we don’t necessarily look at the term “investment” in the same way as other people. Rather than another way to earn money, we look at buying properties in Summit County as investing in our way of life. 

Think about your mornings

Take it from us; it doesn’t get old waking up in the morning, pouring a cup of coffee and watching the sun rise over the mountains in the east. It’s an idyllic way to start your day, and a unique experience you only get here. 

If the Rockies are your calling, purchasing an investment property in Breckenridge or Summit County locks you into vacations whenever you like. 

Think about your family

You don’t just get to enjoy the mountain lifestyle whenever you like when you own property here, you also get to create lifelong memories with your family and friends. A home away from home, where your children and grandchildren yearn to visit every year. Making those memories is worth more than gold to the right person. 

Think about your health

We’re known for an active lifestyle here in Summit County. There’s always something to do outdoors, which encourages you to get up and be active. Hiking, fishing, skiing, even walking around downtown Breckenridge; there’s always something to do that will get your blood flowing!

In fact, Summit County is known as one of the healthiest communities in the United States, with an average life expectancy of nearly 100 years!

How Paffrath & Thomas can help

As we said earlier, it’s more likely you fall somewhere in the middle on the ROI spectrum. You likely want a place that will both serve as an oasis for your own vacations, and one that will be attractive to renters and future buyers so your investment property can help pay for itself. 

You’re not a home buying or selling expert, nor a property manager. Even if this isn’t your first rental property or vacation home, you can still use the advice of an experienced Breckenridge Realtor like Paffrath & Thomas. 

The main thing we want to do is determine your long-term goals, and what you’d like to achieve with your investment property in Breckenridge. We can help you work backwards from there.

The Extra Mile

The Paffrath & Thomas difference means we don’t just want to help you buy or sell a home. We want to help you join us in living the mountain life. That’s why we also like to go above and beyond for every one of our clients. We’ll dig into the nitty gritty— the hard details—as much as you need. 

We’ve even helped people move in by grabbing boxes and putting them in rooms! It’s our pleasure to welcome you the way mountain people do, with a smile and helping hand.

If you need additional contacts or local service companies, we’ll give you solid recommendations. We’re not just a Breckenridge Realtor, we’re a real resource. We are an ally to managing your property. And we’ve developed relationships with many businesses in the surrounding communities. 

These people are our fellow neighbors and friends. When you choose to move here, you won’t come in as a stranger; you’ll be part of the Summit County family. 

Your guide to investment property in Breckenridge

At Paffrath & Thomas, we love our work, and we love where we work. It’s the glue that keeps us together, living the lives we love.

We invite you to share it with our real estate company in Breckenridge. You can check out our listings online, plus contact us there via the internet or by phone. And always feel free to stop by our office for a look at our properties, and enjoy a cup of hot coffee with us. Make it part of your wonderful day in Breckenridge. 

You’ll soon find out why so many people come for the winter, and stay for the summer. We’ll be here, as your Breckenridge Realtors®, neighbors, and friends—ready to help you come home.

Explore with us, make memories with us, live your purpose with us. Allow our Paffrath & Thomas family to guide your family home.

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