If you are lucky enough to be in Breck, you are lucky enough!

Breckenridge, Colorado is located just west of the Continental Divide and sits at 9,603 feet above sea level.

This beautiful mountain town was founded in 1859 as a product of the Gold Rush and is now recognized as the largest historic district in Colorado. The resort has grown to be known worldwide as a premier winter destination, seeing an average of over 1,600,000 skier visits annually and is becoming well known for its summer activities as well.

Food & Drink

You will never have to eat at the same place twice

There are over 70 restaurants and bars in Breckenridge, CO!

Whether you are just looking for an après-ski destination or craving to sit down for a hearty meal, you won’t have a shortage of options. Enjoy a nice stroll down our historic Main Street until you find something that looks (or smells) appealing to you.


Getting around Breckenridge could not be easier.

So much of the town is walkable and there are also two bus systems that run non stop throughout the day.

Check out the websites of Breck Free Ride and Summit Stage to see how easy it is to move around Breckenridge and the surrounding areas.

Airport Info

Denver International Airport

Breckenridge Colorado is about 2 hours from the Denver International Airport.

Car rentals are available along with multiple shuttle companies that will drop you off right at the door of wherever you are staying. 

The Community

The best part of Breckenridge.

The people who live in this town play a big role in what makes this place so special. We have all fallen in love with this beautiful area and we couldn’t be more excited to share that love with all of those who come visit. Those of us at Paffrath & Thomas have chosen Breckenridge as our home due to the lifestyle that it provides. 

If you end up loving it as much as we do, and think that you need a place of your own, we would be happy to help make that dream turn into a reality.

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Your P&T team enjoying the lifestyle we love