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How to Downsize Your Home in Summit County


Mature couple enjoying the mountains after they discovered how to downsize your home

At Paffrath & Thomas, we understand that decreasing your home’s footprint could be truly appealing. So the time may have come for you to change locations here in Summit County, or move here from out of county. 

Our team of local Realtors® have true insight into Summit County’s properties, and mountain property owner needs. Contact us with questions, and read on for some of our insights into how to downsize your home in Summit County to the right size for your dreams.

Why Do Homeowners Consider Downsizing?

When you need to change your home size, you’re not alone. Many homeowners face the same situation, even here in the mountains. A unique aspect of many Summit County homes involves the property being a 2nd home, or vacation home—not a main home. Either way, the goals can be the same.

Downsizing Goal: Lower Living Cost

A smaller home usually incurs lower monthly/yearly costs.

  • Less sqare feet = lower heating/cooling bills
  • Lower home value = reduced tax liability
  • Smaller homes = less to maintain/replace
  • Less yard = less landscaping costs

Downsizing Goal: Improved Purchasing Power

The timing might be right, when the market raises equity value. That’s when you need to know how to downsize your home. You could be taking advantage of appreciation—while at the same time finding something smaller that still meets your needs. That way you can put some money in your pocket!

Your current home might be worth more than you ever thought it could be. If now is the right time to sell, that’s great! 

Downsizing Goal: Less Stuff

It’s not hoarding if it’s organized, right? 😉 You might be letting go of furniture, removing old hobby collections, maybe simplifying your decor and lifestyle—and you’ve decided to simplify your home, too. That’s one way you can downsize your home!

You just don’t need the room for all that stuff. Sometimes less is more, especially when it suits your goals.

Downsizing Goal: Don’t Need the Extra Space

You might have gotten a larger home to welcome family at any time. Now, they may live elsewhere, with their own responsibilities that keep them from traveling as much. If that extra space now goes unused, you may want to downsize so that where you live fits you better.

Downsizing Goal: Prepping for Retirement

A lot of people do this when they hit retirement. They want to spend more time do what they enjoy—travelling, hobbies, enjoying the beautiful outdoors—and less time keeping up a house and paying higher property taxes.

When you know how to downsize your home, it can mean more freedom in how you spend your time. It can also mean saving money for the rest of your life when you’re ready to live it.

Downsizing Goal: The Home No Longer Fits

We may want to age in place, in a house we’ve known for years.  Problem is, sometimes that house ends up creating physical challenges that our beyond our current abilities.

For example:

  • Steep driveways for parking, carrying groceries, etc.
  • Kitchen cabinets that are no longer easy to reach
  • Showers/bathtubs that pose slipping risks
  • Landscaping upkeep
  • Housecleaning
  • Too many steps, inside and/or outside

The Other Goal: Entering the Market

We have clients who finally reached the perfect time in their lives to move into Summit County, or find a vacation property here.

However, sometimes the perfect property isn’t immediately available. Together we’ve looked, we’ve toured, and that “This is the one!” goosebump moment hasn’t happened yet. What does a buyer do when they need to enter the Summit County market, but the for-sale list hasn’t perfectly hit their target?

Many have said “we’ll make do for now,” and purchase a lower-cost property so that they can be here. They’ve now become part of Summit County, and can be that much closer and more aware when the “perfect” place finally shows up. And believe us, someone else’s “perfection” is what you’ll sell when you want to move over into your new place here.

It’s an option to consider. Where would you like to wait for the “perfect” home? When you’re already living in paradise, it’s a lot easier to be patient. 

What to Consider When Downsizing Your Home

When you’re looking to downsize your home, you should consider several key points to life in the mountain region.

Monthly House Costs

Owning a house is great, but it does require added expense over apartment or condo life. Some of the responsibilities you’ll have to address when you own a house in the mountains include:

  • Snow removal
  • Installing heat tape for ice
  • Hiring a trash company
  • Paying for upkeep & maintenance
  • Purchasing & installing DIY items if you’re inclined

Responsibilities of Moving

When you’re moving in the mountains, there’s more to it than getting some muscled friends together and ordering pizzas as payback. 

  • Time of year. Moving in winter can be hard, but doing it in the Rockies can be impossible.
  • Your physical condition. You may want to hire a company to move your household.
  • Packing skill. If you have precious items, you might want professionals to pack it for you.

How Can Paffrath & Thomas Help You Downsize? 

We’ve got over 40 years of experience helping people find the perfect properties for their families, their businesses, and their dreams. That experience doesn’t only involve purchasing or selling mountain property. It’s about helping families become part of the community. We know how to downsize your home, or upsize it as you wish.

Need a dependable relocation company that understands the complexities of moving in the mountains? We can recommend several. Need help setting up utilities? We’re there for you. Decorators, painters, carpenters, more? We can connect you with people we believe are the best at what you need done.

The Extra Mile

The Paffrath & Thomas difference means we don’t just want to sell you a home. We want to help you join us in living the mountain life. That’s why we also like to go above and beyond for every one of our clients. We’ll dig into the nitty gritty— the hard details—as much as you need. We’ve even helped people move in by grabbing boxes and putting them in rooms! It’s our pleasure to welcome you the way mountain people do, with a smile and helping hand.

If you need more help, we’ll give you solid recommendations on companies. We’re not just a realtor, we’re a real resource. We are an ally to managing your property. We’ve developed relationships with many businesses in the surrounding communities. These people are our fellow businesses, and neighbors and friends. When you choose to move here, you won’t come in as a stranger; you’ll be part of the Summit County family. 

Your Friend for Downsizing Your Home

At Paffrath & Thomas, we love our work, and we love where we work. It’s the glue that keeps us together, living our best lives.

We invite you to share it with our real estate company in Breckenridge. You can check out our listings online, plus contact us there via the internet or by phone. And always feel free to stop by our office for a look at our properties, and a cup of hot coffee. Make it part of your wonderful day in Breckenridge. 

You’ll soon find out why so many people come for the winter, and stay for the summer. We’ll be here, as your Realtors®, neighbors, and friends—ready to help you come home.

Explore with us, make memories with us, live your purpose with us. Allow our Paffrath & Thomas family to guide your family home.

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