Why You Should Consider Using a Realtor If You’re Selling YOur Luxury Home

If you are considering selling property in our area, look no further than Paffrath & Thomas Real Estate. We have witnessed tremendous growth in Breckenridge and the surrounding communities over the last several decades and we offer our sellers a perspective on this market that few other Realtors can match. Listing your property with Paffrath & Thomas combines this depth and breadth of knowledge with our aggressive marketing campaign and access to our well-established database of clients to put your property at the forefront of our market immediately. Call a Paffrath & Thomas broker today to get a free, no obligation evaluation of your mountain property.

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Why a Paffrath & Thomas Broker?

There is no secret algorithm when it comes to selling mountain properties, but there are specialized individuals who have focused their life on providing the highest quality of customer services and unmatched results. Those individuals are the brokers at Paffrath & Thomas Real Estate. Whether you’re selling an investment condo, a prime building spot, or a luxury ski property, Paffrath & Thomas brokers know what it takes.

When it comes to selling your mountain property, it takes experience, knowledge, commitment, integrity and a true understanding of the marketplace. Being the longest local and family owned real estate company in Breckenridge provides Paffrath & Thomas brokers a leg up on the competition.

We understand that our clients define the standard of quality and service and their loyalty must be earned. As a local and family owned company, our loyalty is to you… the client – not the national franchise or the statistics at the end of the year. Paffrath & Thomas Real Estate focuses on a team-styled approach to selling your property and we can guarantee that you will receive the commitment, experience and integrity that you deserve.

There are often unforeseen obstacles when it comes to selling. For instance, local market conditions, future developments, association assessments, property encroachments, or less than desirable inspection items to name a few. No obstacle is too big for your Paffrath & Thomas broker to help you leap over. We are focused on offering the best service around and in order to do that we have focused on our education. Paffrath & Thomas brokers are always current on our continuing education and are always challenging ourselves with specialized courses that give us the knowledge to overcome any obstacle.

As Peter Drucker once said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” At Paffrath & Thomas we focus our marketing campaign on measured results. We market in ways that have proven results for over 4 decades and still prove effective today. When it comes to new era marketing our brokers are ahead of the game with property specific websites, drone captured images, 360 degree virtual tours, a SEO infusion team and much more. We strive to have a marketing campaign that is like no other and we measure our results so that we know where to focus our efforts for the greatest impact. Paffrath & Thomas has been a leading real estate company in Breckenridge since 1979 and we know what works.

Paffrath & Thomas is dedicated to our clients and strive to offer the best selling experience with the best results. If you are thinking of selling please contact one of our brokers, we would be happy to share why we are among the best in the county.


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