In the high country spring is a short season, especially when snowstorms continue through Memorial Day weekend, but we have finally made it into the start of summer, at least according to the calendar. As temperatures continue to rise and the melt-off continues homeowners need to be prepared for a different type of maintenance than preparing for winter. Follow our checklist of to-dos and make sure you’re ready for a great summer. If you’re not up to any of these tasks yourself please contact us, we would be happy to recommend service professionals in your area.


Patch and Re-seal Your Driveway

Whether your driveway is asphalt or cement this is a great time to take care of any repairs from damage caused by harsh winter conditions. It’s best to take care of any cracks now before the damage is too severe for a simple fix. Completely tearing out a driveway is no way to spend the summer.



Clear Gutters, Check Roof for Repairs

Roof and gutter systems take a beating all winter long with snow and drastic temperature changes. During autumn, leaves fall into the gutters and then immediately we are hit with inches of snow making it almost impossible to clean out the grime. Now that the roofs are clear you should check that the gutters are clean of last season’s debris. Also pay close attention to the shingles, making sure they’re in good repair and if you noticed during winter that the heat tape wasn’t working properly, now is the time to inspect and repair/replace as needed.



Wildfire Prevention

Summit County and Park County are considered Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas – this is where human development is adjacent to or surrounded by forest. This means we need to be vigilant about our efforts to create a defensible space around our properties. Summit County offers a FREE CHIPPING PROGRAM to help with this effort. As a homeowner, if you clear woody vegetation from around your home and stack it in a slash pile, the county will chip it and haul it away – for FREE! Click here for more details and to see when your area will be picked up. (Park County is not a part of this program).


Deck Repair

Make sure your deck is ready for family and guests. Re-staining a wood deck should happen every 2-3 years but possibly more depending on how much moisture and sun the deck experiences. Keeping it clean of leaves, snow and other debris between these years will help keep it looking nice and ready for outdoor entertaining. Remember to clean the grill before the first BBQ!





Window Cleaning

Cleaning your windows inside and outside will help brighten your home and bring in those wonderful mountain views. This is also an opportunity to evaluate the seals around each window. The seals help keep the outside elements out which will help with those utility bills year-round.




Appliance Cleaning

Prioritize appliances that get the most use. The refrigerator/freezer should be cleaned completely from the inside to the outside keeping in mind the vents. Next is the oven and range. Take advantage of a nice day when the windows and patio door can be left open and set your oven to “clean”. This way the house won’t heat up and any potential odors will be minimal. The range hood vent should be removed and cleaned as well. Other items to keep in mind are the dryer vent, dishwasher and the hot water heater.



General Cleaning/Dusting

This is a great time of year to get to the nitty gritty cleaning of your home. Dusting off the top of the ceiling fan blades, moving the furniture to sweep or vacuum and washing the sheets on beds that may not have been used since last season.





If you’re not up to any of these tasks yourself please cONTACT us , we would be happy to recommend service professionals in your area.

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