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Investment Property & Income Opportunities in Summit County

Summit County offers countless possibilities when it comes to income producing and/or investment properties. At Paffrath & Thomas we have nearly 4 decades of experience helping clients find properties that meet their investment goals. You may be looking for an income producing condo, a great lot to build a spec home, or maybe a house in the woods that will appreciate over time. No matter the property type Paffrath & Thomas will be able to help you evaluate the investment potential.

Short-Term Rentals

Breckenridge and the surrounding areas are great vacation destinations year-round and as a result investors are able to benefit from great short-term rental income. Depending on the property, your Paffrath & Thomas broker will be able to give you a debt analysis of each property with actual past rental numbers. Some properties will offer better returns than others but regardless of the residential property type or size, you may be able to generate a considerable amount of rental income. Although our properties do provide owners with satisfying rental income, the best investments for our clients are those that they enjoy themselves!

Long-Term Rentals

In recent years Breckenridge and the surrounding towns have been battling a housing crisis for its employees. Between the resorts, restaurants, construction companies and other businesses there is a relatively large workforce here. With limited area and allowable density much of our workforce struggles to find affordable housing. This is just the sort of situation we find investors capitalizing on. Whether you are renting a condo, duplex, or single family home there are plenty of people out there that are looking for reliable and affordable long term rentals. If you are an investor that seeks this sort of business opportunity, please contact us so we can help you determine the investment property right for you.

Management Companies

Being in a resort town we have a vast amount of management companies to choose from. Each company offers a little something different for each complex and for each situation. At Paffrath & Thomas we aim to understand each management company’s strategy and focus, so we know who to recommend when you decide to put your property to work. Though one management company may be very successful in one complex they may not be as focused on another. Your Paffrath & Thomas broker will work hard to make sure you are realizing the greatest income possible all while benefiting from the amenities that each management company offers. When renting with a FULL service management company you can expect to realize 52% to 72% of the gross rental profits. Keep in mind that even if you are with a management company you will be able to use your condo/home anytime you would like, you will just have the management company make note of your upcoming visits.

VRBO & Airbnb

As an alternative to renting with a management company you can also rent via VRBO or AirBnB. This method will require more work on behalf of the owner; the owner will have to do all the bookings, arrange key pickup, arrange cleaning services and arrange any maintenance calls on their own. To better determine if this is the best method for you, call a Paffrath & Thomas Broker so they can help you analyze the pros & cons of each method along with providing you with all the necessary contacts that will be required.

Long -Term Appreciation

Breckenridge has been noted as one of the greatest ski destinations in the country. As a result of its popularity with out-of-state visitors and its close proximity to Denver, our property values have continued to climb. Although we are not immune to economic down-turn we do find ourselves to be less impacted than most places in the country. With that being said, as the years go by, we only find that there are more visitors and more people who want to own in this great town. Each year it seems as if our resorts set record-breaking numbers over and over. Although it is hard to determine the long-term appreciation factor, it’s easy to see that more people want to own here and there is not much more room to build!

1031 Exchange

As investors switch or flip properties they may want to consider a 1031 exchange. Under Section 1031 of the United States Internal Revenue Code, the exchange of like kind property in order to defer the recognition of capital gains or losses due upon sale may be allowed. We always recommend that you consult an attorney or your CPA before considering a 1031 exchange. If you want more details about a 1031 exchange please contact a Paffrath & Thomas broker so they can better assist you in organizing the exchange and preparing your contracts to be in accordance with the 1031 rules and regulations.

SPEC building

Summit County has been a great spot for investors to build spec homes. Whether you are reaching for the top price bracket or nestling in for a mid-range sale, many people have found great success. When it comes to building spec homes it is all about knowing the right people to get the job done. As the longest local and family-owned real estate company in town we know who these people are. Over the years we have worked with many builders, architects and engineers so we can make sure you are surrounded by those who will be assets. Pristine vacant lots are starting to become rare around here and many people desire to have a new home but don’t want the hassle of building. If this is a business plan that you are after, contact a broker at Paffrath & Thomas to let us help you.


Over the course of 3 decades Paffrath & Thomas Brokers have sold to investors of all kinds. We pride ourselves in our ability to put our clients in good deals, deals that will make them money and deals that they will enjoy. Although many of our clients enjoy the rental income, our happiest clients are those who are able to share and cherish the memories of their mountain property. There are not many places in the country where you can consider an investment property, as well as being able to call it your vacation gateway. Whether you are looking to buy a property or if you currently own one, call a Paffrath & Thomas Broker to discuss the investment opportunities available.

When it comes to investment property there are certain tax and expense considerations, we always suggest that you talk with your tax advisor.

Contact us to learn more about investment opportunities in Breckenridge & Summit County.


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